Definitions & Clarifications

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 Reflects the number of current lots/homes released at time of field collection for sale at a project site and is not necessarily a measure of the total number of lots remaining in the project.

A firm agreement to purchase a previously unoccupied dwelling unit. This does NOT include: conditional sales, sales of lots only or sales of homes that were previously rented.

Monthly sales-Firm sales within a month time frame.

Please note: Monthly numbers are being updated as new information is being received.

 SO – Sold Out
TSO – Temporarily Sold out
OH – On Hold
CAN – Cancelled
R – Converted to Rental

 The lowest and highest prices are listed for each project according to availability of model. The prices include the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Project Search

As many as you would like. There are no limits on the saved searches.

There are two possibilities:

1. The sales data for each project is collected during the first two weeks of each month. If your project sales are not available, it’s because collections for your site have likely not yet been completed. You may check back daily for updates.

2. If your project or new product were released in the current month, then those sales would appear in the next reporting period.

Completed data can be viewed for the reporting month at the end of the second week of each month.

This may be due to your device's software. Please ensure that your software and browser are up to date with the most current versions. 

 A user may receive updates on changes to sales and/or pricing  on a project by clicking on the Star Icon icon, a specific product type must be chosen for this option to appear.

Example: to receive updates on Project A, a user must first select a product type in the project search.

Once a change is made the notification bell Bell No Notifications will indicate that there has been an update for the chosen product type.